Question: What is AROMS?

Answer: AROMS is an accumulation of knowledge pulled from the most commonly used texts and resources for oral surgeons. Unlike traditional textbooks, AROMS is a dynamic platform that is constantly being updated and upgraded.

Every week we are releasing new content including more-detailed procedures, definitive-treatment recommendations, and hundreds of clinical photos and illustrations. In addition, we are continuously improving our user-interface to include things such as quick-clicks, search feature, and more. AROMS is equipped to grow with you as you go through personal journey and career as an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Question: Will there be more illustrations & photos?

Answer: Absolutely. We currently have recruited over twelve contributing authors to add the highest quality of clinical photos. Additionally, every illustration is an AROMS original drawn by one of the best medical illustrators in the business. It is also one of the most tedious parts of production. We plan to upload over 500 new illustrations & photos between now and January 2023.

Question: Is AROMS evidence based?

Answer: Yes, we pride ourselves on being the first evidence-based clinical resource for our specialty. A version of “UpToDate” just for OMFS. You will find over 2000 citations throughout our 150+ lectures.

Question: How do I use AROMS?

Use 1: Study Aid

  • Whether you are preparing for OMSITE or ABOMS, we provide the most comprehensive and streamlined study resource for oral surgeons. Within each lecture you will find highlighted material to make the high-yield material you need to know obvious.

Use 2: Clinical Resource
  • Whether you are managing patients on the floor, staffing consults, or in the clinic, AROMS provides evidence-based medicine right at your fingertips. See a patient, have a question, open a lecture.

Question: Who is AROMS for?

Dental students: Aspiring to become an Oral Surgeon? Get a jump on the competition and confidently come into residency with a firm understanding of the basics.

Residents: Between the long hours and heavy case loads, time is precious. Whether you are managing patients on the floor or brushing up for a case, AROMS offers you high-yield information in an easy to digest manner.

Practicing Surgeons: AROMS is designed to be used as a study tool or a clinical resource. It’s the perfect way for seasoned surgeons to stay up to date with new additions to our specialty.

Anyone looking to learn more about head and neck surgery: Whether you are new scrub tech looking to learn the steps of a procedure or a general dentist hoping to learn more about pathology & implants, we offer easy to digest high-yield material.

Question: Will you do video voice overs for the lectures like Boards and Beyond?

Answer: Absolutely. Expected to come 2025 after AROMS 3.0 is released.

Question: What do you have planned next?


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